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As a brand of the Facade Corporation, we have further developed our passion for durable and high quality fibrecement composite panels to meet the need for Interior printed wall solutions.

Maintaining our key strength at heart it was our aim to transfer our technical knowledge to create a modern, interior, approach for our customers with a maximum design range to choose from.


Fibrecement Product Characteristics

INTERIORE panels are made of Medium-Density (MD) air-cured boards which are fibre reinforced cement boards, characterized by their resistance to outer influences.

When installed correctly, its composition provides this product with resistance against potential water, termite, and warping damage. As a low maintenance product, the boards are easy to clean and have a long lifespan.

INTERIORE panels have a long-lasting surface finish by cross-link polymer technology (CLP) as well as the boards multi-layer coating system, which characterize the board with strength and resistance to outer influences. This multilayer system combined with the natural composition of the board makes this product ideal as a multipurpose interior wall solution. The resistance of our boards to outer influences provides it with its durability and high compositional strength giving it a long service lifespan.

The INTERIORE basic fibrecement board has a material thickness of 8mm. The standard sizes are shown below:

High resistance to shock and external forces.

Maintains stable temperatures through thermal insulation.

High performance in humid conditions. Boards are damp resistant.

Acts as an acoustic insulator and is sound absorbing.

Minimal maintenance and convenient cleaning.

Fast and reliable delivery service.

Printing Technology

We use the latest innovative digital printing technology from Europe, our High Definition inkjet printer to ensure maximal accuracy in printing our patterns. The equipment does not touch the substrate, enabling a variety of decors and colours.

Our digital plotter allows you to print many file formats in resolutions up to 360dpi in printing procedure.



FIRE SAFETY: INTERIORE fibrecement panels are made of non-flammable materials, which make this product ideal for fire resistance when installed correctly.

The Facade corporation has certified their products in accordance with European Standards DIN EN 12467 and has deemed it as fire proof under the classification A2,S1-D0.

The full fire certification document can be found here: DOWNLOAD




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