Tiina Taivainen

Grew up in: Rauma
Studies: University of Helsinki and Metropolia University of Applied Sciences
Best known for: Delicate patterns with light lines and soft colours


Tiina Taivainen joined Patternsfrom Agency’s designer pool in summer 2016.

Before changing her career to textile designing in 2013, Tiina was working for years with linguistic and educational administration. This, alongside her way to look at the world combined with her sensitive personality, makes Tiina’s patterns very special.

For creating patterns and themes for patterns, Tiina takes lot of photographs. That helps her to capture the moments and things that she sees around her. Tiina’s eyes are always open to catch small details and interesting surfaces, the shapes, the lights, the shades.

Tiina likes to combine various sketching techniques such as watercolour and drawing line, play around with them, and finally let them lead the designing process instead of just copying the image in her mind onto a paper. Usually she wants to save the original spirit of hand drawing or painting in the final design.

Tiina has been dancing ballet since her childhood, and dancing and expressing herself and her feelings through movements is very important for her even today. She enjoys also her second hobby since childhood, the music. During summer months Tiina loves to run in the forests while doing orienteering.

Before joining Patternsfrom Agency, Tiina has been designing mostly knit- and jacquard patterns. They fascinate her because of their limitation in technique, and despite of that, they create interesting patterns full of life. In printed patterns she likes most digitally printed ones, because they allow diverse sketching techniques, layers and even smallest nuances. Kauneve with its clothing and accessories is Tiina’s own brand.

Kauneve’s collection changes on a regular basis with Tiina’s patterns. Her designs have been out on Vanja Sea’s and Sukkamestarit’s previous collections.

Tiina’s aim as a textile designer is to create stories. Not the stories she makes up but the stories that will be composed in the viewer’s mind. She wants her designs to get the viewers’ imaginations, get them to find something familiar but new in them, get them to find meanings and feel something.

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