Product Information

Fibrecement is a building material composed of natural components and fibres that can be used in human friendly environments and acts as an insulated wall covering

Fibrecement is a high density, and naturally very resistant composite material that acts as an excellent thermal and noise insulator. It is extremely versatile in its style, with a good price, size ration.

The Interiore fibrecement boards are user friendly especially in the kitchen and bathroom areas due to their low water absorption (<30%) and damp resistance.

Interiore fibrecement boards do not require regular cleaning due to their resistance to outer influences. Easy cleaning is possible with solvents including water or ethanol. Abrasives and power washing should be avoided as this is aggressive.

Interiore board certifications can be found on our About Section under Certifications.


Please refer to our Installation Page for further details

Any adhesive or related material must be purchases separately but can be done so under request.

Patterns and Scaling

Interiore offers a wide scale of patterns and colours, however, if you do not see the colour you want please contact our sales team or send us a message on the contact page with your specific request

This is possible but resolution may depend on the image. Please contact our local sales team or contact team for further information.

Please contact our sales support or contact team for any custom requests

Kindly note that our printed, and standard products cannot be used for re-sell purposes or any other commercial purposes. For any questions, please refer to our terms and conditions

Our customer feedback is important to us. Therefore, we update our product offerings regularly based on latest needs.

Product Order and Delivery

We currently offer our products in both 6mm and 8mm

Standard products take into consideration our standard offer including product dimensions, and pattern. Our exclusive offers are flexible in dimension and pattern application on the panel. These come at higher prices but offer you a unique product no one else has

As custom panels are made to order this takes on average a few working days longer depending on the scope of the project.

Please consult with our sales team for further information but generally we do not provide samples.

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